“I believe design has the power to educate, raise awareness, and make change in the world.”

We are committed to using what we are good at for good by offering branding, design and creative consulting specifically for environmentally and socially responsible companies and organizations. This ranges from fair trade goods, to handmade clothing, good-for-the-world events, films, organic foods, locally-focused and small businesses, non-profits, sustainable agriculture, etc. Learn about how we work and the services we offer.

What makes CBD different? By working closely with each client as part of a creative team, we can move fast, stay true, and make creative services affordable for small ventures that want to change the world for good.


We are committed to sustainable business practices wherever we can. From using wind-powered web hosting, 100% recycled paper and veggie-based inks, supporting local artists and collaborators, less-is-more, electronic paperwork, commuting by foot or bike, reuse or fair trade purchases, and more

Chelsea Bay Design is a graphic design firm based in Traverse City, Michigan, offering services in branding, logo design, print design, packaging design, marketing, creative consulting, and more.