• Graphic Design (logos, packaging, posters, print materials, displays, etc)
• Strategy
• Photography
• Green Event Consulting
• Social media Consulting, Promotions and Connection
• Creative and Idea Consulting / Direction
Conscious Entrepreneur Coaching and Consulting

By working with C.bay Design, you are signing up as one of the key parts of the creative team. The look, language, and feel of your branding should truly represent and reflect your company or organization’s mission and personality.

That is why we work closely with each client throughout the entire creative process, taking their intuitive feelings into account as we address imagery, branding, fonts, colors etc.  With this strategy,  we can move fast and create beautiful, truthful work that will make a huge impact on our community and society. We are happy to provide personal, creative and affordable design services for smaller businesses who want to change the world:)

CBD often partners with other like-minded writers, web programmers, and film makers as needed to provide full creative services for each project.

For your custom quote, or to talk through your ideas, call or email Chelsea at: